Enneagram One Gift Guide

Public Goods Subscription |  Simplified Planner  | Enneagram Floral One Print

Desk organizer |   A Quality Kitchen Knife   | Reusable Storage Bags 

  1. Public Goods Subscription: One’s love all things practical and this subscription would allow them to easily order beautiful practical products delivered directly to their door. 
  2. Simplified Planner: The Simplified Planner allows one’s to get all their plans organized 
  3. Enneagram Floral One Print: Get one’s something practical in giving their home beautiful art with this meaningful floral design print to help liven up their home.
  4. Desk organizer: One’s love pretty much nothing else more than organization. Give them the gift of an organized work or home desk.. Or… take them to the container store and they will love you forever. 
  5. A Quality Kitchen Knife:  1’s love practical gifts and this knife will allow them to create their well planned meals easily. 
  6. Reusable Storage Bags The plastic-free reusable storage bag you can cook in, freeze it and store it. It’s environmentally friendly and useful for everyday life.

Enneagram Two Gift Guide

Enneagram Two Mug   | House Plant Subscription box |  Artifact Uprising Book Photo Ledge | Mudlove Bracelets | Causebox  

  1. An Enneagram Two Mug + Yours: Grab your favorite two friend a funny mug and grab yourelf one too so you guys can drink coffee and chat about your life together, 
  2. House Plant Subscription box: Two’s love to take care of things, so give them something that purifies their air and makes their home more cozy.
  3. Artifact Uprising Book: Give twos the gift of memories by gifting them a gift card to Artifact Uprising so they can make a book of all the things they have done with their friends.  
  4. Photo Ledge: 2’s love to create a very homey space which is achieved by photos of their loved ones and their favorite moments together. 
  5. Mudlove Bracelets: These bracelets support clean water and they are super cute and have the best phrases. 
  6. Causebox Subscription: The causebox includes all types of different items and all of them support a cause so your 2 friend can know that they are helping people buy using each of the items from the box. 

Enneagram Three Gift Guide

Cold Brew Coffee Maker | Own Your Everyday | Enneagram Sweatshirt

Birchbox Subscription |  Apple Watch/Fitbit | Caus Water Bottle 


  1. Cold Brew Coffee Maker: This thing. is. amazing. While 3’s are working on all their different ideas they need coffee to fuel them. This cold brew coffee maker can always be in the fridge to keep them going. 
  2. Own Your Everyday: Own Your Everyday book: This is a perfect book for a goal getter high achieving friend - full of great insight and ways to get better at your goals. 
  3. Enneagram Sweatshirt: When 3’s finally take a break, they take a break. Let them stay cozy in this comfortable sweater on their off days. 
  4. Birchbox subscription: Three’s love to look their best and this birchbox 
  5. Apple Watch (or fitbit for a cheaper option): Three’s love to goal track and be able to grow. Being able to see their progress and track their goals make them extremely happy. Either an Apple Watch or a Fitbit would help them see their progress!subscription allows them to try out different products to find the ones they love. 
  6. Water Bottle: After drinking so much coffee like we mentioned above, three’s need to down some water, this water bottle is not just useful and pretty, it also supports the cause that you are most passionate about whether that’s clean water, anti-human trafficking or animals.

Enneagram Four Gift Guide

Sipsby - Tea subscription | Enneagram Four Art  | Polaroid Camera

Candles | Record Player |  Cookbook 


  1. Sipsby - Tea subscription: Fours love tea more than pretty much anyone so get them a subscription to get a steady stream of teas to their door. 
  2. Enneagram Four Art: Give your enneagram four friends an abstract art piece that shows them that you see them and love them during their highs and loves. 
  3. Cookbook: Let fours learn how to be as creative in the kitchen as they are in the rest of their life. This cookbook is not only beautiful but functional and would be a great staple in their kitchen.
  4. Record Player: While 4’s are drinking their tea, trying new recipes in the kitchen, let them listen to music in the most authentic way with a record player.
  5. Candles; Everyone loves a good candle, give your enneagram four friends a candle that’s guilt free since these give meals to those who are in need. 
  6. Polaroid Camera: Fours love things that are authentic and different so get them the gift of a fun way to take photos that isn’t through their phone camera. 

Honorable mention Hosanna bibles/journals. Out of stock right now but new stock the first of the month!

Enneagram Five Gift Guide

Audible Subscription | Dot matrix Journal | Bar Necklace

Noise Cancelling headphones | Enneagram Beanie | iPhone charging station


  1. Audible Subscription or A Kindle: 5’s love to learn so give them the gift of learning on the go, either through Audible or a Kindle. Either way they can make their travel time useful. 
  2. Dot matrix Journal *Get all their inventive or deep thoughts out in this journal that allows them to choose how to best use it on any given day.
  3. Bar Necklace: This bar necklace stands for justice, dignity, courage and lastly freedom. It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry for a five and it’s guilt free because it fights human trafficking with a partnership between The Starfish Project and Dressember
  4. Noise Cancelling headphones: Help your enneagram fives tune out everything around them so they can focus on their thoughts and research. 
  5. Enneagram Beanie: Celebrate your enneagram 5’s in your life with a minimal beanie that is both useful and cozy and only reveals a little bit about their identity.
  6. iPhone charging station: Five’s don’t like excess but they do like functional things so keep their home clean and their phone charged for their researching.

Enneagram Six Gift Guide

Brene Brown Daring Greatly | Enneagram 6 Don’t worry shirt  | Hiking subscription

Enneagram Journal  | Weighted Blanket  | Psalms Project


  1. Brene Brown Daring Greatly  6’s are incredibly courageous and loyal & this book will help them continue elevate that portion of themselves. 
  2. Enneagram 6 Don’t worry shirt Give your friends a hilariously accurate enneagram shirt they can wear to let everyone know how prepared they are. 
  3. Hiking subscription box - Make it easy for your 6 friends to get outside and go on adventures with out the stress. 
  4.  Enneagram Journal This way they can carry it around all the time and journal all their thoughts through out the day and all their plans. 
  5. Weighted Blanket Paradoxically the weight of this blanket helps take the weight of the anxieties off of your 6 friends and family.  
  6. Psalms Project For days when the anxieties get the best of them; they can pull this out and read psalms and look at some BEAUTIFUL art.

Bike Tire Fix It Kit - This would also be a great joke and stocking stuffer for a 6!

Enneagram Seven Gift Guide

Portable Speaker | Cute belt bag | Duffel Bag | All Are Welcome Here Print |  Enneagram don’t worry shirt  | Wild Sam books 


  1. Portable Speaker They can carry this around so the party is in their backpack at all times. They can take this to their next adventures wherever it is, whether it’s a park down the street or a totally different country. 
  2. Cute belt bag: A If your seven friends are anything like me... they tend to sit things down and then forget them for a while (or maybe forever). Help your friends keep their personal items literally attached to them at all times. This bag helps support women who have been previously part of modern day slavery, so it's a win win for the whole world. 
  3. Duffel Bag For their weekend trips to visit friend; this brand works with with underserved populations to provide meaningful work and to show the powerful impact our clothing purchases can have, if they are made thoughtfully.
  4. All Are Welcome Here Print A seven's home is a place where they want people over all the time to hang out and have a good time. Give them this print so that they can let everyone know, everyone is literally always welcome.  
  5. Enneagram don’t worry shirt 7’s are kings and queens of saying “it’ll be fine!” and you know what, it usually is, grab them a fun shirt they can wear to start conversations with random strangers like they tend to do. 
  6.  Wild Sam books Choose a city or two that your seven friends are planning on going to and let them geek out and find all the best things to do (because of course they can't stand the idea of missing anything). 

Enneagram Eight Gift Guide

Boxing Subscription | Hammered Earrings | Enneagram Hat

Eye Mask | Leather Portfolio | Coffee Subscription


  1. Boxing Subscription  Since 8's tend to hold a lot of tension and stress so help them get a great work out and get all that negative energy out so they can focus on their work and family better!
  2.  31bits Earrings: Grab a pair of these earrings for an a fellow 8 friend, they are perfect for work or an interview, or for photoshoots for their bomb company they own. They can feel good about wearing them as these earrings support women in Africa earning a wage that they can support their family with. (8's helping 8's) 
  3. Enneagram Hat: 8's have incredibly busy so give them the gift of one extra day without washing their hair and also showing their enneagram pride (and when they show up to boxing - everyone knows they mean business.)
  4.  Eye Mask: Sometimes it's hard for 8's to turn it off, help them get some rest with this eye mask that's ethical and sustainable so they can help change the world while they sleep. 
  5. Leather Portfolio *This leather portfolio is the. dream. It's beautiful, it can hold so many things (phone, business cards, other peoples business cards, resumes, headphones. Seriously so much). Give 8's this portfolio to help them show up to their meetings and kill it as a professional. 
  6. Coffee Subscription If there is anything eight's love, it's most definitely coffee. The Crema Coffee Subscription is coffee that puts you in control. This is a great coffee subscription that over time you can rate the coffee's you like and they will continue to refine what they send until they only send the types you love!

Enneagram Nine Gift Guide

Darling You Are Compliment Cards | Enneagram 9 Floral Shirt | Darling, Inspirational Wall Decor | Diffuser |  Giving Keys | Mud Love Coffee Cups


  1. Darling you are compliment cards: 9's are the best at giving encouraging notes and cards; give them the gift of not having to make the decision to buy the cards themselves. 
  2. Enneagram Floral Shirt: Grab this beautiful shirt that represents a 9's extreme zen with a shirt designed around a poppy which signifies peace and calm. 
  3. Inspirational wall decor *Grab this print that is so inspiring and powerful so a 9 can look at it on days when they may not feel seen or noticed, They'll know that not only are they awesome but they are so seen by you. 
  4. Diffuser Help a 9's home feel even more cozy than usual with this diffuser than can put different smells in such as lavender or tea tree oil, or even orange or lemon which are both extremely motivating!
  5. The Giving Keys Give a nine an awesome necklace they can wear, either this enneagram 9 necklace or one of their other many inspirational necklaces! The Giving Keys employs previously homeless workers which is awesome on it's own, what's even cooler is once you feel like the necklace's message has served it's purpose you are supposed to give it to the person who needs that specific message to help encourage them through that season.
  6. Mud love Coffee Cups:These mugs have the best messages for anyone but nine's love to spend mornings cozied up so these mugs not only support their coffee/tea habit but also help give people clean drinking water. Fun fact: they are also made in my college's town!